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The sculpture park by Danie Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri Around seventy km away from Bolsena, in Tuscany, there is the impressive sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri. In the shadow of the picturesque Monta Amiata, you can discover the installations by Daniel Spoerri. go to Special


Lake Bolsena - GPS-data

Latitude: 42.60°N 42°36'0"N
Longitude: 11.93°E 11°56'0"E



With its 1.777 inhabitants, Capodimonte is the smallest town at Lake Bolsena, but because of its location - on a volcanic rock - incredibly beautiful. Capodimonte got the largest harbour of the lake with monthly starting races. That is why Capodimonte is not good for fishing - unlike Marta. A little further west, you can find the island Bisantina. On the beach of Capodimonte, small motorboats can be rented (3-4 persons, 4-5h, 50€) with which one can go to the island - unfortunately it is not allowed to enter the island, because it is private property.

Capodimonte & infrastructure

Although Capodimonte is a small town, you can find plenty of shops and an internet cafe. „High Life“ happens in the evening at the pier, where many bars and restaurants are located.

Lake Bolsena Capodimonte Lake Bolsena Capodimonte Lake Bolsena Capodimonte
Impression of Capodimonte

Things to do in Capodimonte

  • Enjoy the view on Besantina
  • Eat ice cream at the pier in the evening
Dates and Events in Capodimonte
  • Sagra del Pesce (Fischfest)
  • Sonica (Musikfestival), Juli
  • Sagra del Coregone (Fischfest), August
  • 06.04.2012: Rievocazione della passione di Cristo
  • 29.04.2012: Infiorata della Madonna delle Grazie
  • 10.06.2012: Processione del Corpus Domini con infiorata
  • 15.08.2012: Processione religiosa e fuochi artificiali