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The sculpture park by Danie Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri Around seventy km away from Bolsena, in Tuscany, there is the impressive sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri. In the shadow of the picturesque Monta Amiata, you can discover the installations by Daniel Spoerri. got to Special


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Latitude: 42.60°N 42°36'0"N
Longitude: 11.93°E 11°56'0"E



With its 13.400 inhabitants, Montefiascone is the largest town around the Lake Bolsena. As it is located on the top of the Volsinian hills 300 meter above the lake, it is some kind of the most beautiful „balcony“ overlooking the lake. Because of its altitude and facing to the north, the air is particularly fresh, strong and pleasant. The area is very scenic and the town itself offers many attractions. On a walk through the narrow streets of the historic centre you can see a couple of architectural surprises.

Sights in Montefiascone

The church of Favian is a unique building, as it actually consists of two churches lying upon each other. The architecture of the church mixes Romanesque and Gothic style and on its archs are frescoes in Giotto style of the 15th Century. In the church you can find the grave of a certain Deuc or Defuk, the protagonist of the most popular legends of this area, as he discovered the famous wine „Est! Est! Est!“ - more below! The Cathedral of Santa Margherita is a relatively young church. It was dedicated in the 15th Century, but its construction took till the mid 19th Century. The interior of the cathedral is dominated by the octagonal plan of the truss, which is painted with beautiful frescoes.

Lake Bolsena Montefiascone Lake Bolsena Montefiascone Lake Bolsena Montefiascone
Impressions of Montefiascone

Today, only a ruin is left from the old castle, the Rocca. Nevertheless, a visit of the garden of the Rocca di Papi is still worth it and is perfect for a relaxing walk.

Est! Est! Est!

Montefiascone is famous for its wine industry, here the world famous Est!Est!Est! is produced. According to local lore, the German Baron J.Fugger, who had a penchant for good wine, ordered his butler to mark the doors of taverns, which serve good wine with the word „Est“. In Montefiascone, he found such a delicious wine that he wrote the word „Est“ three times on the door of the tavern. Fugger shared this opinion and drank so much wine that he died in 1113. The annually wine fair in honour of him is a great opportunity to enjoy this delicious wine.

Montefiascone & infrastructure

Because of its size, there are all kind of shops in Montefiascone, several large supermarkets (COOP) and lots of internet cafes. And if you want to go shopping (clothes etc.), Montefiascone is the best place to do in that area, as there are a variety of fashion stores in the pedestrian zone above the market square.

Dates and Events in Montefiascone