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Lake Bolsena Special:
The sculpture park by Danie Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri Around seventy km away from Bolsena, in Tuscany, there is the impressive sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri. In the shadow of the picturesque Monta Amiata, you can discover the installations by Danie Spoerri. got to Special


Lake Bolsena - GPS-data

Latitude: 42.60°N 42°36'0"N
Longitude: 11.93°E 11°56'0"E


Anglers Paradise - The fish on Lake Bolsena

Because of its good water quality and its depth of water (maximum depth 151 meters), Lake Bolsena is very rich in fish and as a result of the good fish stock, there are a lot of fishermen around. A lot of people at Lake Bolsena live by fishing. Either indirect by selling fish, or direct by go fishing. The most famous food fish is the Coregone, a trout, which has few bones and a mild flavour. You should definitely try the Coregone - either grilled at the market, or at a Restaurant.

Bolsenasee Fische Hecht Bolsenasee Fische Meeraesche Bolsenasee Fische Sonnenfisch
Fish on Lake Bolsena (Pike, Red mullet, Sun Fish)

Fish species in Lake Bolsena

Pike, perch, eels, mullet, ghiozzo, core gone, and zander

Fishing at Lake Bolsena

As a tourist you can fish anywhere in and around the lake. All you need is a „tourist ticket“, which you can get in Bolsena at the Ufficio Forestale by filling in a form and pay 35€. The receipt you get is valid as a fishing license.

Lake Bolsena -Facts
  • 20 meter deep, then steeply sloping
  • circular, at 43km scape
  • 300m nn
  • Deepest point: 151m
  • Distance by car: 55km
  • One of the cleanest lakes in Europe