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The sculpture park by Danie Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri Around seventy km away from Bolsena, in Tuscany, there is the impressive sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri. In the shadow of the picturesque Monta Amiata, you can discover the installations by Danie Spoerri. got to Special


Lake Bolsena - GPS-data

Latitude: 42.60°N 42°36'0"N
Longitude: 11.93°E 11°56'0"E


San Lorenzo Nuovo

The small town San Lorenzo Nuevo has 2245 inhabitants. It was founded in the mid- 18th Century and so it is the youngest town around the Lake Bolsena. In the early 18th Century one third of the population of San Lorenzo Nuovo, which was located right on the lake, died because of an malaria epidemic. That is why they decided to relocate in order to escape the epidemic. The new location was four kilometre away and three hundred meter higher. The steady north wind promised a healthier climate. It just took four years to construct the new town - San Lorenzo Nuovo (1774-1778) - Back then, quite rapid!

Because of its young age, there are no picturesque, medieval buildings and sights like in other towns around Lake Bolsena in San Lorenzo Nuovo. Nevertheless, this place has a charming Italian atmosphere and you can find some very nice restaurants here.

Lake Bolsena San Lorenzo Nuovo Lake Bolsena San Lorenzo Nuovo Bolsenameer San Lorenzo Nuovo
Impressions of San Lorenzo Nuovo

San Lorenzo Nuovo & infrastructure

There are many shopping facilities for everyday commodities around the village square in San Lorenzo Nuovo - bakery, pastaria (noodle shop), supermarket, bank + ATM, a gas station, pharmacy, two pizzerias and a nice cafe, but you won‘t find an internet cafe in San Lorenzo Nuovo. On the road to Castel Giorgio, there is a shop on the left side, which can be worth visiting. It sells camping and gardening equipment and all kinds of fun gadgets to bring your friends at home.

Things to do in San Lorenzo Nuovo

  • Eat at the Porceta market on Tuesday
  • A coffee or cappuccino at noon on the market square
  • Enjoy the view of the lake
  • Coffee at the Reggae-Bar on the beach
Dates and Events in San Lorenzo Nuovo
  • Mid August: Sagra del Gnocchi (fish festival)