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The sculpture park by Danie Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri Around seventy km away from Bolsena, in Tuscany, there is the impressive sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri. In the shadow of the picturesque Monta Amiata, you can discover the installations by Danie Spoerri. got to Special


Lake Bolsena - GPS-data

Latitude: 42.60°N 42°36'0"N
Longitude: 11.93°E 11°56'0"E


Trips and Activities

Daniel Spoerri Sculpture Park - Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri

The sculpture park by Daniel Spoerri

The sculpture garden is about 70 kms away. It is located in the middle of the highest mountain in Tuscany. It is very exiting to discover the spectacular installations on a hiking tour.
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A trip to Rome


Because Rome is just 138 kms away, it is possible to visit Rome on a day trip. The best war to get there is by car. By taking the old Via Cassia, you can save the toll on the one hand and enjoy the beautiful landscape for free on the other hand. We don‘t want to tell about Rome, as the sights of the Italian capital are well known and you can read about it in every tour guide. If you travel without a car, it is also possible to get to Rome by bus from Bolsena or by train from Montefiascone.

A short trip to Siena


Siena is located 120kms north form Lake Bolsena. Not only because of its beautiful historical city centre, Siena is one of the most attractive cities in central Italy. On a romantic walk you can enjoy the gothic buildings and the magnificent cathedral. One of the highlights in Siena is the Palazzo Pubblico with its huge tower (102 meters) in front of the Piazza del Campo. Twice a year you can watch the famous horse race in Siena, the so-called Palio di Siena, in which the 17 districts of Siena compete against each other. The first event takes part on the 2nd of July (in honour of the Madonna di Provenzano), while the second event is on 16th of August. - Don‘t miss it!

Lake Bolsena -Facts
  • 20 meter deep, then steeply sloping
  • circular, at 43km scape
  • 300m nn
  • Deepest point: 151m
  • Distance by car: 55km
  • One of the cleanest lakes in Europe